About Us

The Best Idea Srl is an innovative start-up, an independent capital company, designed to support innovation internationally, involving companies and individuals through an original multilingual web platform, which manages and owns the software, covered by copyright.

The creator, founder and CEO is Giorgio Gottardelli, a mechanical engineer, with a long career as a director in important companies.

During his work he realized the fundamental needs of the companies, then developed in the various functions of the platform, which were not reflected in the existing platform.

He also devised an innovative system for voting and one for the evaluation of the voter’s qualities, which allows to select the best ideas, giving more weight to the vote expressed by the voting users who have proved to be the best for a specific category of topics.

Other members are part of the team, with diversified roles, and other collaborators in key roles, for the continuous improvement of the platform.

Giorgio Gottardelli (CEO) , with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineeringhas obtained the certification of Innovation Manager qualification and is on the List of qualified Managers and consultancy companies of the Ministry for Economic Development.

The-best-idea is a collaborative platform that solves the problem of fostering innovation, collaboration, and truthful feedback within companies and institutions – including improving the effectiveness of meetings, both in-person and remote.

The-best-idea gets employees, customers, and partners involved in the improvement of processes and products by giving people tools to put forth innovative ideas and then have them discussed and voted on by others.

It includes robust and well thought-out features that enable the management the entire workflow – from idea generation to the final decision through collaboration, discussion, surveys and polling.

Stand-out capabilities include a suite of structured processes – brainstorming, design thinking, hackathons, …   that are available as robust, customizable template models. These process management tools provide roadmaps that jumpstart many types of projects.

Its particularly strong anonymity & confidentiality features, coupled with the unique of being able to claim authorship of one’s own ideas, enable the engagement of employees and candid involvement of customers and other stakeholders.

The-best-idea platform is available on desktop and mobile devices.