Employees are often taken up by daily urgencies derived from their task and are focused on achieving specific goals. For this reason, they experience traditional Brainstorming meetings as sterile and unproductive as a burden.
It is difficult to match employees’ tasks and deadlines and even when everyone is present in the meeting, the participants are often distracted and deconcentrated.
There is a tendency not to expose oneself with “bold” or innovative solutions for fear of being disliked by others.
Specularly, it is difficult to expose oneself even in the vote phase for fear of being labeled or judged in one’s turn.
Often there is a lack of an overall plan of the topics of the various meetings, necessary to obtain a usable result.
During the innovation workshops, the system of sticky notes in Design Thinking or Design Sprint is not practical and makes it difficult to choose the best ideas and the agreement in the participating group.
Do you find a waste of time in the manual management of the development and choice phases during the Hackathons?

solutions allows all participants to operate remotely, without having to meet in person, at the times preferred by everyone and facilitating active participation through gamification techniques.
  It guarantees the complete anonymity of those who suggest ideas and those who judge them, increasing freedom of expression.
  It allows users to create a vote and get an impartial ranking to define the best solutions.
  It allows to reward and value both the best “inventors” and the voters who commit themselves the most, being able to reveal themselves and prove to be their own only if they are winners.
  It helps the Project Manager, who has the role of facilitator, preparing all the planned development steps, using available Models if possible.
  It allows to use smartphone in the meeting room instead of sticky notes to write short sentences or single words and make them vote anonymously by others in the group, finding the best ones.
  Manages all the development phases of the innovation workshops and the Hackathons, setting the times for the production of ideas and the choice of the best ideas and helping to summarize the results


The Project Manager is guided in the management of the Brainstorming using the function “Brainstorming-Multiple activities” through available Models already prepared, but modifiable and integrable, which respond to various business needs such as “Research and development” of a new product or the introduction of “Lean Management” procedures or the Use of Design Thinking and Design Sprint systems and which contain all the planned development steps.
It is also possible to start from scratch and personally prepare an articulated program of necessary activities, which are then activated one after the other, upon completion of the previous one.
To do this, various functions of are used and combined: the “Challenge-Request-Need” function, which allows to expose topics to be answered with solutions to be voted by the “Group“, the “Projects” function , which is used to display a solution to be voted, and the “Surveys” function, which is used to choose between various possibility, using gamification techniques, to increase the involvement and the pleasure of participating.
All participants can also work remotely, without having to meet in person, in their preferred times.
They can also use the very simple “Flash” function with the smartphone in the meeting room in Design Thinking or Design Sprint sessions, to write simple sentences that are immediately voted by the group to choose the best ideas.
Everything happens anonymously so that the voters are not influenced by likes or dislikes, by the reputation or the business role of the proposer an idea.
Quality, interest and commitment of the participants will be constantly monitored thanks to the “Ranking” function, encouraging and motivating the participation of the best, to gain reputation and possibly prizes and rewards.
The times are set for each development phase (“Steps”), but they can be modified or terminated when they are considered concluded, immediately obtaining the ranking of the best ideas and summarizing the result of the phase to continue with the next one.

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