I would like to do a market survey but restricting it only to our customers or using a database that we have created, extending it only to everyone at the end, guaranteeing complete anonymity.
I would initially like to use only qualified experts for a category of products or services, in a confidential
I would like to be able to ask a series of questions and maybe different questions depending on the answers given previously.
I would like to have some models available to simplify the compilation
I would like to get response statistics broken down by type of participant and their characteristics

solutions allows you to choose who to ask to respond to a survey, for example your customers, or even later to the whole community of The Best Idea, all anonymously.
  It also allows you to choose “Super-experts“, qualified for that type of products / services from The Best Idea as the best on the ranking, so you can do it in a confidential
  It allows you to ask single or multiple questions and if you need, different questions depending on the answers previously given.
  It makes ready models
  It allows to obtain response statistics divided by type of participant, using various characteristics.


Whoever publishes the Market Survey, the Surveyor, does so through the “Survey” function and can choose the “Group” of users to whom the request to reply will be sent, using the secret code automatically given to each of them and revealed by the user to the surveyor to participate in the survey, in order to avoid spam or intrusions, but the answers are handled anonymously and it is not possible for anyone to trace the user who responded.
There is the possibility of using a few qualified Super-experts who will do so in a confidential manner, indicating the number of first in the ranking for that type of products / services, paid for this service by the surveyor.
You can use the simple “Survey” or the “Multiple Survey“, but there is also the “Conditional Surveys” function that allows you to do a Survey composed of various questions, organized so that one question will be followed by another that however it will be different depending on the answer given and so on until the end, obtaining also an overall average evaluation based on the scores that can be inserted beforehand for each choice made by the “Voters”.
For all the functions, “Models” are available, and it is possible to contribute to their expansion by suggesting new ones to the site manager, obtaining rewards.
In order to participate in any vote, the voter must indicate some of his characteristics, such as the state of residence, nationality, gender, level of education, area of ​​residence and age range, and therefore who publishes a survey, can get very interesting statistics, divided by type of voters.

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