THE BEST IDEA: the Design

Find out who is The Best Idea Srl: the Design!

Why this trademark?

The writing is of increasing size from left to right to mean “growth” as a result of innovation, it is multi-colored, to recall the platform’s democratic characteristic, it has non-traditional characters to underline the “gamification” aspect of the activities planned by the platform.

The symbol is reminiscent of the paddle to vote, a fundamental element for choosing the best ideas, the balloon that flies to be seen by everyone, spreading its image and the ideas it represents, an inverted exclamation point, which reinforces the importance of the activities planned by the platform.

The trademark has been registered both in Europe and in the main non-European countries.

What represents the drawing in home page?

The drawing is an allegory that illustrates the advantages of the platform, which is to take innovative Ideas, represented by light bulbs hanging from a thread and then locked, all white and difficult to distinguish between them even if illuminated, visible only by those who have created them and by a few others who are close to them, and turn them into coloured balloons, with the colour that depends on the theme that concern them, that rise to the sky so as to make them visible and recognizable by everyone.

The stylist

Both the trademark and the design on the Home page were created, in collaboration with the creator of the platform, by the designer and stylist Guglielmina Peretto. Find more information about her at the link: