Design Thinking is an approach to innovation based on the ability to solve complex problems using a creative vision. Originally, Design Thinking was a simple approach to innovation adopted by agencies and design studios, today, however, it is a method that is spreading in very different sectors.

Let’s see together the main advantages of Design Thinking and how this innovative approach can help companies compete and differentiate. Design Thinking:

  1. helps solve internal organizational problems
  2. accompanies the design and launch of a startup
  3. supports and increases the efficiency of the production and distribution processes of a product and / or service

The 4 forms of Design Thinking

vantaggi del design thinking

Design Thinking can take different forms and interpretations, depending on the nature of the companies involved, the specific challenges and objectives of the innovative project. The Design Thinking Observatory has identified four main models: Creative Problem-solving, Sprint Execution, Creative Confidence, Innovation of Meaning. Let’s analyze them one by one and see what they consist of!

  1. Creative problem-solving mode, which is based on the use of creativity to solve problems. It is a methodology with which companies innovate by understanding the needs of the user and imagining solutions to meet his needs.
  2. Sprint execution, i.e. creating a product to be launched on the market, based on user needs. The key point is time: rapid prototyping is a crucial factor.
  3. Creative confidence means involving people in order to give them greater confidence with creative processes. This type of model aims to stimulate entrepreneurship within companies.
  4. Finally, the Innovation of meaning is a more complex system whose task is not to solve problems but to build future possibilities, offering an innovative vision of things.

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