Why your company should use gamification, examples and case studies

Welcome to our blog. If you have landed here perhaps the words used in our the-best-idea portal are not completely unknown to you, however today we would like to clarify some basic concepts on gamification. Once this is done, we will move on to provide you with examples of gamification applied to companies that have obtained effective and tangible results from this strategy. Let’s start, happy reading!

Gamification: what is it?

Behind the maxi concept of gamification, you can find different sectors, in fact it is not a process related to marketing or other disciplines, but it is a particular approach linked to the way in which objectives are achieved.

The word has its root in Game, and this immediately gives you a clear clue: in fact, in Gamification the schemes and rules of video games, and of the game in general, are applied to activities that are not purely playful.

You may be wondering what the purpose of gamification is, here, as anticipated it can have different objectives, and it is the company that sets them. Any cases where gamification has been applied? We have examples, keep reading!

Gamification, examples and case studies

Imagine that you are an employee whose job is to correct spelling errors in the text contained in a program’s update dialogs. Here, boredom immediately assails you, but luckily your company has in mind a nice gamification process for you! This company is Microsoft and has used gamification mechanisms to incentivize employees to find as many errors as possible thanks to a points and bonus system.

Always remaining in the high-tech field, to be included in the list of successful case histories there is that of Samsung Nation, a game that incentivizes Samsung employees to sharpen their problem-solving skills. A motivated and active employee can make the difference when it comes to solving company-related issues, don’t you think?

Gamification also works in sectors other than technology, see the case of Mc Donalds, who trains his checkout staff to fulfill orders effectively and quickly thanks to a game that simulates working days. In the various Mc Donalds stores interested in this experimentation, the results have been seen, and have been measured in customer satisfaction!

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