If design thinking is just an abstract idea for you or one of those trend words in the management sector, read this article to convince yourself otherwise. Here is a case study where design thinking has been adopted as a successful weapon, we’re talking about Airbnb!

The Airbnb case, here’s how design thinking has transformed the company’s business

It seems incredible considering the numbers of Airbnb today, but initially this was just a small company that was struggling to take off.

In 2009 Airbnb billed $200 a week, growth was flat and investors were only a distant mirage. The 3 guys from Silicon Valley paid their bills with their credit cards, in short, a real disaster! How did they run for cover? First, the trio chose a rather empirical path, they put themselves in their customers shoes and started using their platform.

So, it was then that they made a rather alarming observation: the photos posted by hosts were of poor quality and the houses did not seem at all welcoming. J. Gebbia and his companions therefore decided to leave for New York to take high-quality photos, and surprise! The following week the turnover began to grow as never before in the previous 8 months.

Here is the first lesson at the base of Design Thinking: understanding exactly the problem of the user is the first step to create a user-centric strategy, relevant and efficient.

Design Thinking never stop!

Later on, the three entrepreneurs decided to maintain this approach even in the following years. Today, all team members can suggest and implement new features in a constant test and trial mechanism.

This not only applies to the most experienced members of the team, even the most recent members are invited to propose new ideas and product changes. This approach is the secret ingredient for moving in an agile way and adapting to changes!

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