Following the Covid – 19 emergency, many companies have increasingly had to adopt smart working, which consists of a new working approach in a digital key. Let’s see the main advantages.

Smart working is a new dimension of work that promotes individual productivity and user operational continuity and at the same time allows significant flexibility with respect to the workplace.

More specifically, smart working presupposes a profound organizational and cultural change, which gives people greater flexibility and autonomy in the choice of spaces, working hours and tools to use to carry out their work activities.

All this generates more flexible organizations, empowerment approaches, delegation and empowerment of people on results, growth of talent and widespread innovation compared to traditional organizational models.

Going into more detail, according to the POLIMI Observatory, the adoption of a “mature” model of Smart Working can produce an increase in productivity of about 15% per worker.

Furthermore, if Smart Working were adopted by 70% of workers, it is estimated that average productivity in Italy would increase to around 13.7 billion euros.

Technology makes Smart Working possible

Smart Working is made possible by digital technologies that allow you to choose where and when to work, both inside and outside the organization. Technologies that support remote work are already widespread.

According to the findings of the Polimi Observatory, among the most used solutions are Social Collaboration services.

Among the platforms that encourage and support smart working is The Best Idea, which adheres to the Digital Solidarity project. With our platform, you can organize and manage Meetings to be held in the office or remotely, wherever you are, being able to involve participants from the outset in the choice of topics and solutions to be discussed and thus making them much more effective.

But it has features that make it suitable for organizing and managing real Brainstorming or Design thinking sessions during which participants can present a project or an innovative idea.

At the end of the session, the best inventors can be rewarded and will receive merit prizes or rewards. In short, a sort of internal company social network that rewards innovation and creativity.

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