Have you ever heard of Design Sprint? It is a methodology born in Google to support the growth of startups and encourage the development of digital experiences.

Analyzing it in detail, you can find similarities between this new approach and Design Thinking, but also differences. Let’s see them together!

Design Sprint e Design Thinking: similarities

Team Creativity

Both Design Sprint and Design Thinking are equipped with tools and methodologies that encourage the generation of ideas, with the difference that Design Sprint encourages a more critical approach based on a greater number of sessions dedicated to individual reflection.

Learning by Prototyping

A second common point between the two approaches is given by prototyping. Both methods do not simply elaborate ideas and solutions, but arrive at its complete realization by packaging a prototype. In Design Sprint the solutions that are offered are very concrete, almost wanting to simulate working prototypes.

Design Sprint vs Design Thinking: differences

User Contribution

From Design Sprint to Design Thinking, the role that the end user plays in the innovation process changes. In the two methods, the user is involved in a different way: the Sprint arises from an internal challenge in the company, the Design Thinking instead was born to solve specific user needs.


Process Dynamics

The substantial difference between the two processes lies in the duration: if the Design Thinking projects can last hours, days, months or even years, the Design Sprint ones have a defined duration: 5 working days. This different duration also affects the dynamics of the two processes.

Design Thinking prefers fun phases, in which new ideas are generated through brainstorming moments, while Design Sprint gives more importance to decision-making moments often managed with voting. The fact of compressing the decision-making process in a few days is a plus in the Design Sprint: this type of approach reduces uncertainty and increases the potential success of a project.

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